Heeello everyone! After… 2 years? offline, we’re finally back!

I had originally adopted an old Matthew Goode fansite back in 2015 – I think it was once called Matthew Goode Network, then it became Matthew Goode Fan. I handed it over to Mouza, who was also a big fan, around 2017. She then closed it, and we had left it that way until this very moment.

I’m a huge admirer of Matthew’s work, as are many of my friends. We’ve all been following his career for years, and we’ll be working together to bring back the great archive we had in 2015-2017. From now on, we’ll be calling this fansite Matthew Goode Archives.

I am aware of how private Matthew is, and he’s made it clear he doesn’t appreciate any kind of attention that is unrelated to his work. He has never been on any social networks, and he only really shows up when he is doing promotion. We’ve never intended for this page to come across as stalker-ish or creepy – it’s just about enjoying his work and sharing that with other fans. We’ll continue to be mindful of his privacy now that we’re back online.

Thank you for visiting! We hope you stick around. ♥